The Legal Bit


We love the internet, it's one of the greatest communication advances in human history and allows an unprecedented freedom, democratisation and dissemination of information.  As such it's always a pleasure for us to host sites that add to this collective pool of human endeavour (And photo blogs of cats too).

We also however live in the real world and abide by the laws and customs and general decency of society.  Like most things you sign up to on the internet you'll have to agree have some sort of legal Terms of Service, which are basically a very long winded way of saying 'I promise to do no evil and if I do then it's not the company who provided the services fault and they're well within their rights to tell us to cut us off when we do.'.

We like good sites, fun sites, websites that provide a service, information, or simply sites that add a little colour of human life. Though we're well aware the internet can also be used for less than savoury purposes also. 

While we're loathe to censor content, the internet is a great power and as the adage goes with it comes with responsibility.

As a general rule if your site falls foul of the laws of the United Kingdom and/or the country you reside in then we'll not be able to host it.

Our policy will be one of caution when it comes to web site content.  We will reserve the right to cancel or refuse hosting should we deem your site or content on your webspace to be potentially breaking the law or going against our principles of decency or ethics, though we're a fairly chilled company. We'd be sorry to have to do this and it would be a last resort option, but we'd like to be open with you about this and if you think your site may fall foul of this then perhaps we're not for you.

We will however defend free speech and freedom of expression as far as we're able, but ultimately a websites content is the responsibility of its creator, so its best you know what may or may not be acceptable for us.