No strings....

The cost of your hosting at plantpot web is based on how much webspace you require, and how much bandwidth you use.

All packages come with the same set of features. The price quoted here is the price you pay, there are no added charges, hidden costs or anything like that.  This is the price per year.

Should you decide you need extra space at any point then you can change your package and your renewal date is moved forward to cover the cost, should you find that you need less space then your renewal date is moved back giving you extra time. This allows you to choose a package that is right for you and your website at any time.


Note: Our prices will be reviewed very soon in April 2014 (don't worry you'll be getting more for less!)

Package NameWeb SpaceBandwidth

(per year)

Plantpot 10 10mb 200mb £6.00 The "Toe Dipper"
Plantpot 25 25mb 400mb £8.00  
Plantpot 50 50mb 500mb £9.00 The "Business Card"
Plantpot 75 75mb 500mb £9.50  
Plantpot 100 100mb 750mb £10.00 The "Concept"
Plantpot 125 125mb 1000mb £10.50  
Plantpot 150 150mb 1000mb £11.00 The "Blogger"
Plantpot 175 175mb 1000mb £11.50  
Plantpot 200 200mb 1000mb £12.00 The "Club Site"
Plantpot 225 225mb 1000mb £12.50  
Plantpot 250 250mb 1000mb £13.00  
Plantpot 300 300mb 1000mb £15.00 The "Functional"
Plantpot 350 350mb 1000mb £17.00  
Plantpot 400 400mb 1250mb £19.00 The "Multimedia"
Plantpot 500 500mb 1500mb £25.00  
Plantpot 600 600mb 2500mb £28.00 The "Developer"
Plantpot 700 700mb 2500mb £30.00  
Plantpot 800 800mb 2500mb £32.00 The "Web Designer"
Plantpot 900 900mb 3000mb £34.00  
Plantpot 1000 1000mb 4000mb £35.00 The "Professional"


Our favourite packages....

Plantpot 100 -  "The Concept"

When you're just testing the waters with a website idea 100mb is a decent entry point. It gives you enough space to try things out, show a client an idea, experiment with a website idea, alternatively if you're just after a simple site and a mailbox then this can give you enough space to handle both.



Plantpot 300 -  "The Functional"

With enough space to grow your content, our 300mb package is great for sites that are just starting out, or are catering to a small to medium audience.  We've nicknamed it 'the functional' because it really is that, its an excellent starting point for everyone, big enough to cover your site needs and roomy enough to allow it to grow naturally.



Plantpot 600 -  "The Developer"

You've been around the internet block a few times and have built a few websites, or maybe you're simply looking for a convenient secure personal place to drop a few files and be able to access them anywhere, the "developer" is the package for you. Enough webspace and bandwidth to cover multiple websites, it's a cost effective solution